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Program-specific statistics on organ transplants

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Approximately 250 transplant centers are members of the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN; learn more). Our PSRs are produced twice each year for each solid organ transplant program (heart, intestine, kidney, liver, lung, and pancreas). Each hospital that performs transplants may have more than one transplant program; it may have liver, lung, heart, and kidney programs, but not pancreas or intestine programs. A separate PSR is produced for each program at each transplant hospital. The reports contain information about the candidates waiting for transplant, outcomes on the waiting list, the transplant recipients, the donors, and the outcomes after transplant. Access the PSR Reporting Timeline. Additionally, watch this video on Program Performance Monitoring for more information. 

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The PSRs are released publicly in January and July of each year. The data contained in the reports are typically current as of 6 months before the release date. Please refer to the following useful resources to help you understand the reports:

Current Report

Report Published: January 2024

Next Update Due: July 2024

National Center-Level Summary Data by Organ

The Program-Specific Reports contain many data points for each transplant program. Researchers wishing to do more in-depth analyses can download Excel files containing all information contained in the reports by choosing a specific organ in the drop-down below. An Excel file will download to your computer that will enable you to analyze data across all programs in the nation. The files contain many data elements and are organized by section and table/figure within the program-specific reports. Cross-referencing the Excel file with a program’s full report in PDF format is the easiest way to navigate the file. You can find a program’s full report by searching for a program using the search function at the top (and bottom) of the page.

Access archived national center-level summary data below (the zip files contain all organs).

Archived Program-Specific Reports

You can also access our archived Program-Specific Reports below.

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