About SRTR Standard Analysis Files (SAFs)

Description of SRTR SAFs

SRTR standard analysis files (SAFs) include many of the data elements collected by OPTN on all solid organ transplant candidates, donors, and recipients in the United States from 1987 to the present. These data are supplemented by data from other sources as described here. For additional information, see the publication Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients: Collecting, analyzing, and reporting data on transplantation in the United States. SRTR SAFs provide data on solid organ transplantation, including heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, liver, intestines, and multi-organ transplants. In general, the SAFs do not include geographic data or text fields. Some data elements that are not part of the SAF, such as patient-level ZIP codes, may be provided in supplementary files upon request. These may incur additional cost and require approval. 

The SAFs are released quarterly (March, June, September, and December of each year) and are currently available only in SAS format. The SAFs include files organized by candidate, donor, transplant, and transplant follow-up information. Candidate files include status history and status justification; donor files include donor disposition and living donor follow-up information; transplant files include summarized candidate, donor, and follow-up information, and transplant immunosuppression, recipient histocompatibility, and cross-match information; and transplant follow-up files include follow-up patient status, immunosuppression, malignancy, and malignancy treatment information. All files can be linked to each other at the person level and are accompanied by an electronic data dictionary.

Standard Analysis Files (SAF) cost $1000; each additional, updated SAF costs $500. Contact SRTR for data requests.